This page links to pages which are only available to members of the site.  Because information can be misused, only members will have access to the Family Directory or the Prayer List.

Family Directory

If you want to be listed in the Family Directory you must register into the site.  The site administrator will respond to make you an author with privileges to create your own Family Page.

For the purposes of this site, a family is whatever you say your family is.  That may be just you as a single person, it may be those you live with even if you are not legally related.  In may be you and your parents and your children.  Your family is whatever you say your family is (though of course you should discuss with others whether they want to be listed as part of your family).


This section will have information about members who are in the hospital or in rehab.  The purpose of this section is to give members the most current information about other members.

Prayer List

This page shows a listing of all who have asked to be on the list.  When they have asked that details of their situation are listed with their name it will be.  There is a space at the bottom of the list for comments.  You may voice your prayers there or you may offer thanks for the prayers of others.


This page links to pdf’s of certain corporate documents that we want members to able to access.

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