Registering and entering content

Step One: Register

At the bottom of the sidebar on the right you will find a box entitled Meta. The content of this box will change as your status on the site changes. If you are not registered and logged in, the first item in this box will read Register. The one below it will read Log In.

Once you are registered and logged in, these items will be Site Admin and Log Out.

Simply click on the Register link and you will be taken to a screen that asks for a username. (The username will be what you use to log in and cannot be changed except to delete it and start over. If you forget it we can recover it by asking someone with administrator privileges to look it up.) You will also be asked for an email address. The system will send a password to the email address which you will then use to log in. Once you have gotten the email and copied your temporary password into the appropriate box to log in, you will go to the User Profile Page. Here you can add information about yourself which will show up in your profile which can only be seen by other registered users.

Important! Change your password. Chances are the temporary one will be something impossible. Create one that you will be able to remember as you will use it whenever you log in.

Step Two: Get upgraded to “author”

You don’t have to do anything here. One of the administrators will go into your profile and change your privileges so that you can do more than just comment on other’s posts. Because this requires someone else’s intervention you will want to get this done for you before you get the urge to post something. Either Mark Robinson or Valerie Winslow can upgrade you.

Step Three: Create a post

Now you are ready to put material up on the site. This will almost always be by creating a “post.”

Once you are logged in, go to the Dashboard by clicking on the Site Admin link at the top of the Meta box at the bottom of the right sidebar.

What the Dashboard looks like to you will depend on what privileges you have and how you have configured the Dashboard for youself. Along the left side there are a series of boxes that have links to items you use to add or change your posts. You can explore these and play around to get to know what they are and what they can do.

Remember, there is nothing you can do that can’t be fixed. Anything you create you can delete so don’t be afraid to go exploring.

For now though we are going to keep it simple.

What is a “post?”

A post is a collection of various types of data that rest in a database which the web site uses to create the content of the site. What you are doing here is to create a record in that database.

This record consists of a title, the body of the post, an excerpt, and various bit of information about the post which is called metadata.


The title should be not more than 30 characters to work well though it can be longer. This is just enough information that readers can see if this is what they are looking for. You can be clever with titles but also be descriptive.


This is really more of an abstract but Word Press, (the folks who create the software that runs this site) calls it an excerpt because initially this was the first few hundred characters in the Body. This should be a short summary of what you are saying. Try to keep this to about 300 characters.


This is the heart of what you are trying to say. It can be as long as you want. It can include photos, sound, video, almost anything. You can enter information as a standard paragraph or put it into a chart. There are very few restrictions on the kind of information you can include.


This is the information about the information. This includes things like who the author is (you), how the content is tagged, and when the post was written. Some of this information can be set by you but the important item is the category. Setting the category determines where on the site the post will appear. This will be different for different people, so get some coaching from Mark Robinson about which categories you should select for what you are trying to do.

How do I create a post?

Your Dashboard will have some items unique to you but everyone who is an author will have a little oblong button which reads “New Post.” This is light blue against a dark blue bar at the top of the page toward the right. Just click that button.

You will be taken to the Add New Post page. The cursor will already be in the title box. Just enter your title (or cut and paste if you have written it in a word processor.)

The box below is the place you will create or enter the body of the post. There are a number of bells and whistles here but for now, just type in the box.  If you want to do the fancy stuff, go right ahead.  If you are confused, come to one of the classes after church where we will help you get up to speed.

The third box is for the excerpt (abstract). Our site does use excerpts and this will help your readers, but if you leave it blank nothing bad happens.

To the right of the excerpt box is a categories box. Select the category (or categories) you want associated with this post.

At the top of this right hand column is the Publish box. There are some items in it that you can change if you want (like the publish date) but in most cases all you want to do here is to click on the Publish button (dark blue). Until you click this, nothing gets saved and you can lose your work. You can easily edit your post so publish early and often so you don’t lose anything.  [Once you have Published this button changes to Update.]

Back up in the blue bar at the top towards the left is theVisit Site button. You can click that see what you have just created.

Congratulations! You have just created content for the Pilgrim Web Site.

For members and friends of Pilgrim Congregational Church United Church of Christ